Exploring the beauty of our garden though Macrophotography

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The Watcher: Surreal Cocoons

The Watcher: Arguably My Strangest Spider Shot!



The Watcher: Glass Jar Fragment Found In Garden



Mother ~ Beware the Grandchildren ~ The Colour Purple ~ Multiple Sclerosis

Originally posted on Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano:

Dec. 19, 2014


my aunt once said I grew my beard ’cause I looked like my mother spit me out of her mouth’. She meant I was the spitting image of my mother!

Memory being what it is the exact date and time escape me but there was an afternoon about thirty-five years ago that I answered the phone and the specialists receptionist told me I had M.S.. It was and is a game changer.

But since that time I have lived well, divorced, remarried, pastored churches, lived in two countries, learned how to truly love, and become the steward of a garden/temple dedicated to Kuan Yin ~ Peace ~ Dragons And Butterflies.

Like I said it is a game changer but (at least in my case) not a death sentence. Still and all nights like last night are not fun.

The tremors and convulsions were coming back with a…

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