The Watcher: Truish To Life Chinese Holly Blossoms


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The Watcher: Out Of The Shadows


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Our Past ~ Control ~ Guide ~ Dictator ~ Teacher?


for those who are interested in a lesson I need to re-learn on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

Originally posted on Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano:

Feb. 24, 2015


There’s an old saying; I may be a slow learner but once I have learnt my lessons I always forget them real quick.’ A few days ago this is what came out of my creativity;


Since then I have been fixated on ‘soft’. Yesterday I came up with this;


Not a bad creation but a creation controlled, dictated and enslaved by my past. One of my mentors told me it was a fine piece of art but suggested I might try increasing the saturation to bring out the colours just a bit more. Here’s the result;


He was right. Once again I have let my past dictate my present. Like I said, a slow learner that forgets quickly!

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The Watcher: Polished Embossed Flower?



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The Watcher: Ruby Rose Started Life As Regular Rose


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