The Watcher: Perhaps An Explanation Is In Order?

If you are beginning to wonder why my photos are of limited variety here be the reason; I am closer to seventy than fifty and I don’t get out  much anymore. Going on fifteen years ago my wife and I returned to her homeland, the Philippines.

She began to create a career in Peace and Development and I began to create a place for her to take refuge when the pressures begin to get to her. She is now teaching at a university and working locally, nationally, and internationally in her field. I look after the garden/temple.

A few months ago my wife bought me a camera. I knew and know next to nothing about photography but I am enjoying the challenge.

So there you have it, the quality is up and down because I am learning and the material is limited because I stay in the yard. Still and all I hope you come back to enjoy the beauty and perhaps you too can find refuge here?



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