The Watcher: A Little Addition To The Garden/Temple


It took a while to get to the top of the priority list but we now have a finished cement pad one day to become an enclosed room. With this addition we add a full 33% to our floor space (close to 60 sq. meters now).

If you look closely you will notice some (to us) important details. First off the re-bar is not re-bar. It is our own bamboo; cut, split and coated in coal tar. Just as strong as metal re-bar, a lot more green and because the bamboo comes from our garden we saved a third of the total cost of materials.

Next is that our workers made many of the tools needed for the job. This means they get money instead of big business and we get to re-use the tools in other ways. Good for the economy and good for the environment.

Finally please to notice the large rocks that we won’t be moving but will be building (in time) a pond and rock garden around.

It is a strange but not unpleasant feeling to be the Steward of a garden/temple that will never be finished in my or anyone’s lifetime time.


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