Sniffle Sniffle Cough Cough ~ It Ain’t Torture But A Summer Cold Is No Fun

Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano

Dec. 10, 2014


Housekeeping tip of the day from the tropics; coffee grounds and ants don’t get along. Spread them around your house and you lessen the number of ants in your house. Would I give you a bum steer?


Growing up in the Great White North it was an accepted bit of folk wisdom that summer colds were the worst colds.

Now I live in endless (albeit sometimes very wet and windy) summer in the Philippines. I have a cold. It is not nice, Sniffle sniffle ~ cough cough!

Have you seen the news on the CIA torture tactics? As was to be expected what the report says or means depends entirely on the agenda of the one doing the reporting.

I am a simple man living on the side of a sleeping volcano and I admit to not knowing the nuances of torture. But I…

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