Chinese Vegetable Gardens ~ History ~ Sacred Time

Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano

Dec. 15, 2014 (in about 8 days the Sun will die quicker in the north and live longer in the south than any other day of the year)


Now the parenthesis in the title may not sound like much to a 21st century person but in times past it was a scary time indeed.  Think about it for just a minute? This time of the year is a crap shoot. If things don’t change and change right soon, depending upon where you live, you and yours are either going to freeze to death or die of heat.

Then on what the west calls December 22 the sun stops dying in the north and growing in the south. For three days it apparently stays the same! Then miracle of miracles it starts to get stronger in the north and weaker in the south. You and yours are saved from death by…

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