Self Serving Altruism ~ Looking After Number One ~ A Prayer For You And Yours

Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano

Dec. 31, 2014

Our lives are woven together. Unless you and yours are doing well how how can me and mine do well?

Hi, I am one of the more selfish people I know. This is not a bragging nor a self put down. It is simply the truth.

I am selfish.

Selfish but not without some insights on how the world works.

Buddhism teaches, and I agree that our lives are intertwined in every way possible.

The hard cold truth is that in this world I can only be as safe and as happy as my neighbours are.

If you are scared, worried, miserable, aggressive, or angry (feel free to add in something) my life is worse than it could be.

So because I am selfish and I want a better life for me and mine here be my question for you and yours:

May I pray for a happier…

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