Studio Photography ~ Coopers Surgery ~ Fubarred SAF Op In The Philippines

Letters From The Side Of a Sleeping Volcano

Jan. 29, 2015


Sorry that I have missed the last few days but there are times even in this old man’s life that things get backed up.

Last week I made the move into Studio Photography. Of course to do Studio Photography I need a studio so I have been converting SWMBO’s old office into my new studio (pictures to follow).


Then Cooper got a nasty infection in his right ear. For three days we tried home remedies but to no avail. Yesterday the vet came up and drained the ear (Cooper is a Doberman and we did no have his ears clipped). He knocked Cooper out with a double dose of anesthetic and started to work. It took Cooper about 4 hours to shake off the sleepy juice and I stayed with him. Eventually as dusk fell our gardener and his wife carried Cooper into the house and it…

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